Forex broker

Forex broker

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Work experience in the brokerage market.

Who do you trust: a company formed yesterday, or one that works in the market more than 10 years?

Naturally, the longer the company provides brokerage services, the more credible it. Of course, this does not give you 100% protection from the risks and guarantee efficient trading in the Forex market. But experience tells us that the company has fulfilled its mechanisms for risk management, otherwise it would have long ago went bankrupt. In addition, in such companies usually work really professionals with considerable experience in this field.

Our company is located in the brokerage market since 2001. In 2006, many offices were merged under the name «PROFIT Group Inc.».

2. The number of broker clients.

If he is trusted by thousands of people, it’s about something says yes. This really costing the company will not hide these numbers, and brokers-day prefer to remain silent.
The number of clients of the company PROFIT Group Inc. – More than 10 thousand. And their number is constantly growing.

Forex trading is now attracting more and more active people who want to become rich, financially independent, to exercise their skills and be creative. Many novice traders attracts what the currency market provides an opportunity to make money, even having very little start-up capital. In addition, the forex market is quite stable and little affected by various crises, and revenues there are only limited by the ability of the trader to earn and no one and nothing more. However, Forex trading – is the risk, so the preparation for trading must be careful not to exclude consideration of different, seemingly small things.
One of the important steps in preparing for self-trading in the currency market is the choice of forex broker. Forex Broker – a non-banking organization that provides customers the ability to conduct speculative transactions on the financial markets, in particular in the forex market. Due to the brokers individuals even with a small initial capital get access to trading. With the assistance of these organizations are provided with conditions for trade with leverage (margin trading), as well as loans to traders in the short term. Forex broker provides access to trading for their clients via the Internet by means of the terminal, ie, a special program to carry out transactions online in the forex market. The broker is a representative of the interests of traders in the open currency market: transactions are on the market at their own expense and on his own behalf, receives, processes, and performance of any orders (orders) of the trader associated with the purchase and sale of currency. In general, the actions of brokers principle is somewhat similar to the work of dealers in the securities market.
Activities forex broker can usually be characterized by several key factors. Firstly, it is a private organization which is a legal entity, has a license to conduct transactions on the market. Secondly, it is a commercial company, and its main goal is profit, which is formed by the commissions for traders service (customers). Thirdly, the transaction of buying and selling currencies through forex broker are purely speculative. In other words, the client may acquire, in this case a particular amount of currency to be sold only, and not, for example, for personal use.

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