Positive credit history

Positive credit history


Positive credit history (CHB) is recognized subject to the applicant or spouse (oops) the applicant all of the following conditions in the aggregate (in respect of existing contracts and contracts canceled during the 24 months preceding the date of application):
the length of credit history for at least 12 months;
absence of overdue payments of more than 15 calendar days for each period over the last 12 months of credit history;
the aggregate amount of repayments on credit agreements, to meet the above requirements, at least 50% of the loan application.
SIC confirmed by a certificate from the lending bank, or an extract (credit reports) received by the bank from the credit bureau
2 The base rate – the interest rate on loans in the presence of collateral for up to 3 years inclusive, is used as the base for calculating the final interest rates
3 surcharge to the base rate does not apply under the condition exceeding the collateral value of vehicles, the calculated in accordance with the internal regulations of the Bank, 2 times or more of the requested loan amount.
4 The following vehicles will not be accepted as confirmation of ownership:
cars of domestic production, Ukraine, Uzbekistan, China, and Chinese brands, whose age at the date of the filing of more than 7 years
cars do not belong to p. a) age at the application filing date, more than 10 years.

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